Virtual travel hub's - Pet hub

Designed for the Veterinary office to help remove stress from traveling with pets!

Why Veterinarians find value offering vth Travel perks!  

For the company

  • Help make traveling with pets easier with our Pet Hubs one stop shop experience for you, your staff and your clients
  • Obtain a Co-Branded VTH Website to promote to your community
  • Offer the Pet Hub to your clients as a valuable resource when traveling with their pets and receive benefits when your clients sign up
  • Use for client retention, marketing new clients and branding with your business
  • Stand out from the rest and keep your clients coming back

For Your employees

  • As an incentive for hard working and loyal Employees, offer travel perk benefits which they will appreciate the discounts when traveling with their family or friends.
  • Savings up to 65% on their hotel reservations along with other various travel perks
  • SAVE TIME  – Your staffs go to site for helping your clients with their pet travel requirements,  creating a less stressful experience and offering travel perks along the way as an extra benefit

For Your


  • Take the stress out of traveling with pets by offering your clients a one stop shop experience for everything they need to travel with their pet right from your website
  • Build trust by offering your clients discounted travel memberships specifically branded for your Veterinary Hospital
  • Pet owners will love a place to go to get exclusive travel perks with all the information they need to travel with their pets from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) in one FUN easy to navigate site
  • Your clients will enjoy discounted travel perks and savings of up to 65% on Pet friendly hotels, car rentals, vacations for their entire family and Thank You for it! 

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