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We go above and beyond to providing members with extraordinary SAVINGS along with memorable travel experiences.

Virtual Travel Hub is a team of experts focused on providing businesses with the ability to explore Discounted Travel, Happiness and Adventure for their people and/or communities . 

Our knowledge spans across many organizations both small to enterprise and has shaped us over the years.  Business such as Citrix, UPS, DHL, Burger King, Dish Network, Microsoft, Lucas Films, Citi Group, TLC and various other fortune 1000 companies are just a few of the companies we’ve helped succeed. 

Our members will benefit from our experience, knowledge with both technology and travel partnerships.

Let our travel hubs speak for themselves by providing a custom branded user-friendly travel booking technology makes it easy to quickly search available travel perks at a heavily discounted rates powered by Virtual Travel Hub.

We offer these values and services to any industry. So what are you waiting for!  Learn how we can help your organization for all your travel needs.

WE Got You Covered


Our technology has the capability to create/manage Memberships that support your event registration, room blocks, eCommerce or discounted travel needs!

50 + Software Apps

Wrap your Travel Hub with additional software to help provide business solutions across the board.

Save on business trips

Get highly discounted rates for your team to book their travel. Saving your company thousands on business travel.

Virtual Tours

Access a wide variety of Virtual Tours and incorporate this as part of the travel experience.


Our technology platform at its core can manage event hotel room blocks without restrictions, providing the ultimate experience for a conference attendee or traveling sports team.

Largest Inventory Supply

Over 700,000 properties with exclusive discounts, packages and more.


Incentive travel is designed to provide motivation to your people, allowing them to become more successful and achieve certain goals. What a great way to inspire and reward your valuable employees!

Hot Hotel Deals

Save up to 65% on hotels and travel arrangements worldwide!


Virtual Travel Hub can provide your organization event registration & ticketing technology solutions to manage any event, big or small.


Our expert digital team will help provide avenues to help rollout and market to your users.


Provide exclusive discounted travel through our personalized Travel Hub and offer perks and rates so low you have to see them to believe them!

Travel Perk

Explore our options when it comes to offering travel perks or recommend perks to enhance your members for booking experience.







“I can literally login into my account on VTH portal and search the destination & watch 360 VR video tours of where I want to visit before I book my travel! Its so much fun! We sit for hours watching these virtual tours! We cant get enough of it! Thank you VTH for making travel fun again

Debbie and Mike

“Perfect for Tavel Experts”

I write travel blogs for multiple travel agencies and am pleased to say I am able to showcase my work in the VTH Community Blog and on my own VTH Co branded portal for my own subcribers to get discounted travel perks! It’s a win-win for everyone!


“Every Experience is Unique”

The savings is enough to make this worth it. You get your $ back after your first booking. We enjoy the entire trip that much more knowing how much we saved.


“Really Cool Perk”

 My work offers VTH as a perk and its so easy and fun to use . Finally Its your one stop shop for all your travel needs in one website. It just keeps getting better.”


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