Virtual Travel Hub provides our members up to 65% savings for your Travel needs!

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Want to “Get-A-Way”?  You can spend a lot of time looking online at various travel sites comparing the same products, services or activities trying to find the best price. Virtual Travel Hub takes the guess work out of Travel & opens a new opportunity for you, your friends, your business, its employees, community members, and attendees to save on on all your travel needs. As long as you have an active member account, you will receive 24/7 access to aggressive non-published discounts using our unique technology!

How can we offer ridiculously low Travel rates & benefits?

Backed by the world’s largest travel companies, Virtual Travel Hub has proprietary technology that is integrated into wholesale travel pricing not available to other online sites. This provides the ability for us to pass the savings on to you!

For a business, department or event coordinator,  we will help provide custom branded solutions that you can creatively use for all your employees, members or community to access and take advantage of these heavy discounts.

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